A weird new religion?

A friend asked me the other day why I live the way I do – Housesitting, moving around all the time etc. I told him I’m a minimalist. He asked is that some sort of weird new religion?
No it’s not weird, it’s certainly not new and it’s not a religion although some people do get rather fanatical about it at times.

One thing I know for sure is that whether people want to be a minimalist or not, everyone is fascinated about it.

So what is it. It’s about living with less. It’s the less is more theory. There are no rules as everyone has different ideas about how they can live a better life with less. Less clutter, less stress, less commitments, less expenses, more time, more freedom, better quality of life. We are often trapped by our lifestyle. I know I was. And I was miserable. A friend who I have known for about 8 years told me the other day that I am one of the happiest people she knows. She says I am always smiling, I always look content and I exude happiness.

Then she went on to tell me that when she first met me I was always stressed, hardly ever laughed and it was like I has the weight of the world on my shoulders. My goodness I must have been such a drag to be around!



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