My first experience of Minimalism as a concept was when I came across an article in The Age (Melbourne newspaper) in 2013 about The Minimalists – Joshua Fields-Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I had been working towards being a minimalist prior to that without even thinking about it as something that you’d even give a name to. But of course it makes so much sense!

Since that time I have followed the journey of Joshua and Ryan through their web site www.theminimalists.com and I recently attended the “Minimalists 100 city tour” in Melbourne, which was very interesting and eye opening. I imagined that the demographic of the audience would have been the baby boomers, my age group; people who are finding the extra time in their lives because the kids have grown up and left the nest and they are either retired or nearing retirement. People who want to free up their lives to enjoy the good life; to do some of the things they’ve always wanted to do; to de-stress! Or people who want to live a more meaningful life. One that is not weighed down by unnecessary stress and stuff. However I was surprised to find that the majority of the audience were Gen X and Gen Y – Young! Much younger than I’d thought they’d be! And listening to Joshua and Ryan I realised that their story and message is a bit different to mine. Mine is still about minimalism but with a slightly different focus.

My story is not only as a baby boomer, but also is from a woman’s point of view. It’s about food, about sustainability, about shopping, about finances, about family, about friends, about avoiding waste and having less of an impact on the planet. It’s also includes information about how to live a new and exciting life by thinking outside the square. Two of the things I love are housesitting and travel. Housesitting, whether it is for a friend who lives around the corner, someone half an hour’s drive away, someone interstate or overseas, is for me like being on holidays all the time, even though I’m still working.  My office is my lap top so I can work from anywhere. That’s part of the freedom that being a minimalist gives me.

Read more in the my blog called My Minimalism Story and other topics throughout this site. And I just love hearing other people’s views and stories. Please share!

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