How a power outage made for special memories

What are memories all about? They are about experiences. Not about the “things” we own. They are about the special relationships we have with the people we love.

Our family, friends and pets.
It’s about the sharing of meals and happy occasions.
It’s about the cricket game in the backyard.
It’s about the family holidays.
Think about your most precious memories.
Are they centred around possessions or experiences?

One thing I clearly remember as a kid was when we had a power outage – usually during a summer storm in Melbourne. At first we’d think what a nuisance it would be without lights and TV. Once it didn’t come back on again after 10 or 15 minutes, we’d start to hunt for the candles and work out ways to ‘ make do’ without one of our ‘essential services’.

We had to find other ways to amuse ourselves. Generally a card or a board game would do the trick and of course everyone would join in as there was nothing else to do. Once we really got stuck into the spirit of the game we we’re generally disappointed once the power came back on. So it wasn’t unusual for us to pretend it hadn’t and continue our game in the candle light.

How good- a memory from a time with out one of the basics. I bet others have similar good memories of power blackouts.

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