Unloading the stuff! It’s not easy.


Although I have been going on about living as a minimalist I have to confess that I am a long way from being a true minimalist.

I have just gone through the painstaking task of tossing a whole lot of stuff that I have either had in storage or have had in boxes under the house.  I know that I have not missed a lot of these things so I thought that going through them and tossing everything out would be a breeze. Not so!

I feel like I have been tossing away my past – a part of me. And it hurts!

I have thrown out a lot of books – business books, novels and other bits and pieces. Looking at each one evokes memories in me of certain times in my life. A novel that I bought whilst on holidays. Looking at it immediately brings back the memory of the holiday and of standing in the book store chatting to the lovely woman trying to decide which book to buy. A struggle to get rid of it, not because it was a great book, but because I never got to finish it. But will I read it now? Too late – I’ve tossed it. Someone else should enjoy it.

Each of the business books brings back memories of particular times in my business life – times of much enthusiasm and success. I used to read lots of inspiring business books, how-to books, or psychological books. All great but I know I don’t want my life to go back to those times. Not in the same way anyway. So – someone else can read them. Off to the op shop they go.

Most of the books I now read are on my iPad. Being a minimalist, I don’t need actual books that take up so much space. I have lots of books on my I pad and it never gets any heavier or fatter!

And clothes. I have tossed things that I would normally keep.

I have to say that it’s not an easy process. In fact it’s really hard. However I know that once these things have gone I won’t give them a second thought.




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